We work to reach people across Zimbabwe and Africa providing hope, orphan care, education, humanitarian outreach, and purpose in life.

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Why Give

100% of all donations go directly to impacting the lives of Zimbabweans and people in central and southern Africa.

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Meet our Celebrated Children. These Zimbabwean children are victims of HIV, poverty and have no families. We bring them into our family, give them a loving home, and teach them life skills. Everyone deserves hope in life.

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Fully Funded

Our operating costs are funded by private donations. This means that 100% of what you give goes directly to clothe orphans, educate children, build churches, and share love with people across Africa.

Strong Local Partner deploys powerful and loving teams on the ground all through Zimbabwe. We work through local individuals to bring effective and honest change to their own communities.

Impacting Futures

Healthcare, orphans, churches, businesses, government, we believe that every facet of society must be reached in order for true change to take place. Can a vision impact a nation? We’re out there finding out.