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The Excellence Of Music Impacting Generations of Zimbabweans

To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage.
Georgia O'Keeffe

Teaching orphans to play violin is not something many people have set out to do. Yet when the little children from Zimbabwe performed in Italian piazzas and cathedrals last year, it impacted those who were in attendance (see video below'. More importantly, performing internationally exposed the children to a new culture, way of life, and gave them a sense of the value of their lives.

For centuries, music has been a heavenly connection. And learning music is a valuable skill to a culture and an empowering tool for training and instilling discipline and love of learning in a young child's life.

For 30 years, Bonnie Deuschle has dreamed of training an orchestra and empowering a generation of musicians to be able to express their love of Christ by bridging the classical with contemporary in a music school. Based in Zimbabwe (southern Africa', it is difficult to find skilled musicians and the instruments necessary to maintain excellent standards.

Joining with music teachers in the USA and the best musicians in Zimbabwe, this vision has begun to be realized. Twenty-four hour worship is now enacted at our church location in Harare with new musicians being trained weekly.

The legacy of music can carry on for many years. We believe that passing on inspired worship, classical training in the art of music composition, instrumentation, and performance will impact generations.

A formal music school is being launched. We are receiving donated equipment from music schools, universities, and foundations. Curriculum and music supplies are also welcome.

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Please watch this highlight video of when Pastor Bonnie traveled to Italy last year with our children’s violin ensemble.


Posted on July 17, 2014 by Celebrate International