Creative Director

The eldest son of Pastors Tom & Bonnie, Tommy was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and in a very real way became an African. He and his wife Rachel also act as the Creative Directors of the ministry and thrive on creating an atmosphere in church that is energized with momentum.

“It’s our heart’s desire to see an army of young people that know the voice of God and serve with united hearts in church. The different generations must work as one.”

The media production department’s commercial arm (called C:Media‘ was pioneered by Tommy with the vision that the church should create the trends of creativity that the world follows. Tommy often speaks on Sunday at the Borrowdale church when Pastor Tom is not present. Recently the church has rebranded the Sunday Evening Service as “The Growing Church” to gather the unchurched in a setting that is receptive.

Rachel has a unique way of ministering to young women—it’s her desire to see women thrive in their identity under Christ.

One of the new exciting projects headed up by the Young Pastor’s Team, is The Basement. This will be completed this year and will function as a hall designed for young people: a hub for counseling, riveting youth events, coffee hangouts and spiritual growth. Through their Youth Band, Celebrate Young, they’ve raised several thousand dollars and the refurbishment has begun. The Basement launches in October of this year. The opportunities to serve, relate and build are endless.

Tommy is also a Global Shaper and part of the World Economic Forum. His role with his wife in Celebrate International bleeds across different points of society from media and business to church and outreach.

You can follow Tommy on Twitter here.