The Kingdom DVD Series Part 1




4 DVD Set. In the The Kingdom Series Part 1, Pastor Tom Deuschle reveals the revelation life of the Kingdom of God. Enjoy and be challenged by Pastor Tom’s passion for the expansion of the Kingdom of God globally, beginning with each individual in all parts of life, and growing through families, churches and nations:

  • “Everything Jesus did is in the context of the Kingdom of God.”
  • “Jesus brought a message of the Kingdom to everything He did.”
  • “…as you allow the Kingdom to come, you begin to see God do something awesome in your life.”
  • “God has something deeper for us. He says persevere, persist, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom, and all these things will be added to you.”

This four-part series was recorded in the Celebration Church Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa and releases the revelation life of the Kingdom of God to a world jaded by self- preoccupation and independence.

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