Surgical Prayer DVD Series by Tom Deuschle




Why another teaching on prayer? After all, there is already a plethora of information and books on prayer. Through the years, I have been bombarded with prayer books, prayer seminars, prayer workshops, instructions on prayer walking, prayer meeting, prayer mapping, the 10/40 window—the list is endless. Although I could see the tremendous value in the truths contained in all this material, only a handful of people in my church were responding to the prayer concepts put forward. Why was this?

This question would eventually lead me to change the way I think and feel about prayer, and eventually write and teach what you’ll see in this DVD series.

A skilled surgeon will take a surgical instrument, like a scalpel, and use it carefully and deliberately in the service of healing. That same scalpel in unskilled hands could cause untold injury and damage. Prayer, like the smart bomb, when directed with purpose and intent, will always hit the mark, just as the scalpel in the hand of a surgeon will bring about precise and intended results.

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