Celebrate International governs a handful of enterprises focusing on bringing reformation to the marketplace, healthcare, destitute and economic unequal, the uneducated, as well as providing community centers and churches based in Zimbabwe and expanding out of Africa across the globe. 

These are our ongoing outreaches.

Compassion Ministries

Compassion Ministries is a relief and development organization we started to meet the needs of people by providing food, clothing, shelter, safety, and self-respect. Through this initiative, we now reach refugees, those suffering from extreme poverty, orphans, and widows through the SADC region of Africa. Click here to read more about our work and watch a video about our orphan orchestra.

Celebration Churches

Founded by Tom Deuschle, Celebration Ministries International has expanded across Africa and onto 5 continents. Now with churches worldwide, from rural Africa to the USA, the message of the Gospel is carried forward. Click here to read more about our church and it’s global vision.

Celebration Health

Celebration Health reaches out to those in need of medical care. With an estimated 1.6 million people needing healthcare in Zimbabwe and millions more across Southern Africa, Celebration Health is one of the preeminent organizations pioneering medical practices, as well as holistic remedies to deal with common sickness to health crises as they arise. Click here to read more how we’re reforming the healthcare in Africa.

Celebration School

Celebration Learning Centre is educating the next generation. As the only International Accredited Christian School in Zimbabwe, we are creating leaders for future generations with moral fibre, a biblical worldview, along with internationally recognized education qualifications. We are now expanding our school with a building project. Click here to read more about our education efforts.

Champions For Life

An astounding number of young people are living with HIV/AIDs in Southern Africa. Champions For Life reaches this segment of the population, helping these children and young people break the stigmas of culture and live a victorious life. Click here to read about our AIDs Orphans outreach.

Celebration Music

Pioneered by song-writer and global artist Bonnie Deuschle, our music and Celebration Choir are bringing the sounds of Africa to the world. Watch the choir perform and hear the sounds of Africa here.