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Our Music

Isaiah 43:21 says, “the people I formed for Myself shall declare My praise”. We were created by God, for God, to worship Him. God is omnipresent but His presence is made manifest when we gather and worship Him in spirit and in truth. Most of the music in our church is written out of the experiences we have faced in the nation and as a congregation. It’s written from a place of “we really don’t know what’s going to happen, God. We are totally reliant on You”.

The music has impacted millions of people throughout Africa and around the world. We believe that God has given us a sound to accompany the message of the movement - the message of reformation. Our music ministry is volunteer driven with multiple choirs, dance banner teams and bands. Pastor Bonnie Deuschle (co-founder of Celebration Ministries International) has led the music ministry for forty years teaching throughout Africa on Praise and Worship. Her ministry has brought her before national leaders, refugees, prisons, disadvantaged communities, church leaders and congregations in Africa, America, Europe and Australia through her sought after praise and worship seminars, tours, albums as well as her book, “The Great Connection.

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