Celebrate International is a non-profit organization bringing hope, healing, and God’s love to people in Zimbabwe and in developing nations across Africa. We’re a church that believes in the life changing power of Jesus and we’re on a mission to see God’s kingdom spread across the continent and the world.

We’re about building people and their dreams so that the kingdom can be built. By teaching and imparting the principles taught in God’s word, those dreams can become a reality—impacting society as a whole for God.

Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to Jesus Christ and let them encounter his love for them in a practical and tangible way.

That gives us reason to celebrate life—for who God is, what he has done for us, and where he is taking us.

We work in a very tough environment. Zimbabwe has 80% unemployment, HIV/AIDS is rampant, the economy has had extremes. But our mission is to build God’s kingdom on the earth and in the hearts of men and women. No matter the environment or situation, we believe that God can work miracles, change people, and breakthrough.

So we tackle the toughest societal problems in Africa:

  • providing rural healthcare outreaches
  • caring for dozens of AIDS orphans who have no one to rely on
  • planting churches
  • starting businesses and empowering entrepreneurs
  • producing worship music to inspire nations
  • educating the next generation of national leaders
  • housing orphans
  • teaching teachers
  • importing health supplies

Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa. Yet one of the youngest mortality rates.

We invite you join with us in tackling these big problems.

We’re not offering grand schemes or fancy solutions. We’re offering practical things like education, church plants, water wells, a home for an orphan, and inspiration that with God all things are possible.

Join with us, click here to give to celebrate.org.