Building People
Building the Kingdom

Who We Are

We are a church dedicated to meeting the needs of the forgotten, abandoned, and vulnerable in society.

Our humanitarian programmes help orphaned children, young people living with HIV, widows, and prison inmates access, education and skills training, clean potable water, clothing, food, life changing healthcare and shelter.

Early Years

Celebration Church International was founded by Tom and Bonnie Deuschle in 1980.

From the onset we sought to build a community of believers that love God and serve all people, from the homeless to refugees to street people.

Our mission is to transform lives and reform nations through building people, building dreams, building the Kingdom of God.

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Building By Faith

Not long after starting the church, we sensed that God was leading us to put down roots in the local community of Harare, building a home to base from which became an exciting faith journey.

Over a fourteen-year journey of construction, the Celebration Centre has now become a religious and cultural tourism site. Although the process began in the late 80’s, in 2003, the building was complete. Amazingly, the building was paid for in it’s entirety through the generous giving of its members. Notably, this was accomplished while the local economy was entering its most notorious period of hyper-inflation.