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Since 1984, Compassion Ministries has been providing relief interventions for people in need. The programme initially provided food and drought relief to Mozambican refugees and local street people assisting 144,000 refugees, 38,000 of whom were churched and 65,000 of whom had given their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry has expanded to encompass a host of societal needs which include widows and orphans.

It has however caused us to employ a theory of action that involves its beneficiaries collaboratively and comprehensively. This has caused us to expand our operation, bringing together all our activities under an overarching body that we now call Celebrate Impact. Programmes to date include:

  • Agricultural training and development
  • Small to Medium enterprise development
  • Micro-financing
  • Emergency relief for those affected by drought, floods, and natural disasters.

Notable projects include the Mari Mari project which resettled 150 street people on land provided by the government.

The project sought to help these people become self-sufficient through livelihood skills transfer in zero-tillage farming methods (environmentally conscious to reduce soil degradation from over plowing and over grazing), animal husbandry, drilling boreholes, irrigation systems and micro-financing loans. Compassion has also designed a fostering program that helps to place orphans and vulnerable children in family situations.

At a cost of about $25 USD a month per child for food, clothing, and education sponsors ensure a future for these children, who find themselves in this horrific situation, through no fault of their own. This program continues today and has seen hundreds of children steadily strengthen and progressively overcome in the face of hopelessness.