Champions For Life


You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you. (Psalm 86:5'

Hay bales and 800 AIDS orphans collided together for a weekend of fun, teaching, and relationship building. In a sad death of one of the junior Champion leaders, Bheki Katsamba—a lot of Champions looked up to him and were heartbroken—we turned this into a celebration of his life, rather than a focus on his death.

The weekend event was centered on the power of love. The importance of this subject is huge because many of the children only experience love and tenderness when they all get together with the leaders of Champions as their homes are often dysfunctional.

  • Why it’s important to love and to be loved
  • Learning how to be loved and to receive love
  • Practical ways of showing acts of love to one another
  • Practical ways to help one another with everyday challenges faced by the young Champions

This event was held outdoors under the African sun at a sports and recreation park called Rimfire Park located on the church grounds. The Champions were split into 30 focus groups according to age. Talks and team building activities enabled them to bond and grow in the Lord and their confidence.

"To see the Champions change their lives over the course of a month because of these weekend get togethers with other kids like them is such a blessing..." Gift Makwala, Champions Leader. "It's the true heartbeat of the church."


Posted on May 9, 2013 by Celebrate