Celebration School


Educating The Next Generation

The Celebration Learning Centre is the only International Accredited Christian School in Zimbabwe. Affiliated through Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, USA, our school’s mission is to reforming nations through educating the next generation, which is a crucial ingredient in building people and their dreams.

The church and the Christian school are both an extension of the home and the godly teaching given by parents. Because we believe that every child is made in the image of God, we embrace our responsibility to educate students to realise their intrinsic value and achieve their God-given purpose. We seek to establish born again, spirit-filled, kingdom-minded students with a biblical worldview and Godly character, who have an insatiable passion for learning and strong leadership ability—in order to go out and meet other people needs in spirit, soul and body.

As a school, our global mandate is set: create leaders for future generations with moral fibre, a biblical worldview and internationally recognised educational qualifications, who can go out and change the world in every man’s marketplace. Our vision is to establish a Christian school in every key Celebration Church around the world.

It was up to the stakeholders in Harare, Zimbabwe, to verbalise and then flesh out that vision in the realm of education by creating a school that would become a template for other Celebration Schools around the world. Because our school is the flagship school and an extension of the “founding” Celebration Church, our Statement of Faith is the same as Celebration Ministries International, which we represent.

The American A Beka curriculum, which we follow, is an established Biblically-based curriculum of high academic standard. The core subjects are: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Bible. Art, Music, Physical Education, Life Skills, French and Shona (chi-Zezuru’ are also taught.

In 2011, Celebration School had building plans drawn up for a state-of-the-art Educational Complex to accommodate 300 students from K4 to Grade 12 and containing science laboratories, art rooms, band, choir and music rooms, drama studios, a magnificent library and multi-media centre, a cafeteria, an all-purpose gymnasium and squash courts.

In recent years, Celebration School has established a reputation in the community as an educational centre with an exceptionally high standard of excellence. We have been recommended privately by education officers in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Education and we are sought out by parents because of our purpose: to provide a world-class education for students who are being developed as leaders with character.

Breaking Ground & Building Expansion

In 2013, we are breaking ground for the fully accredited 600 student school on the church premises. As the only ICAA accredited school in Zimbabwe, we are educating and molding the next generation of young people in Zimbabwe.

Currently the school has 140 students. Phase 1 of this state of the art school building will allow us to expand to 320 students and Phase 2 all the way to 600 students. The student body is formed from different races, ethnic groups, and religions, but the message of Christ is the backbone of everything taught. We will be adding 11 new classrooms, a full cafeteria, 4 offices, and storerooms. This building will attach to the Northeast side of the current Celebration Centre.

Getting involved here is easy: $300 buys 1 square foot of the building. The entire project is 5,000 square feet—there will be 30 classrooms in all! Building in Zimbabwe comes with its own challenges, which is one of the reasons you may notice the square footage cost is higher than a normal building project for our friends in the West. We will have to import some items into the country that are not able to be sourced locally such as the glass for the large windows, decorative tiles throughout the building, and the kitchen equipment for the cafeteria.