One in every ten Zimbabwean children are born with Hernia which is a bulge caused by tissue pushing through an opening in the muscle that holds it in place. Most of these hernias are abdominal which means they occur in the belly or groin areas of the body. Often, it is painful especially when one coughs, bends over, or lifts something heavy.  

Hernia repairs have been overlooked as a public health priority in Africa, despite its high prevalence. Owing to challenges in the health care system in Zimbabwe and the shutdown of hospitals during the Covid-19 crisis, these surgeries have not been happening. This has heightened the current situation, with over 1,000 children on the surgery waitinglist. With only about 200 hernia surgeries scheduled each year, a child can wait up to 4 years for this life saving surgery which only takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete. 

Ideally, a child should have hernia surgery done within 30 days of a diagnosis.  These children run the danger of becoming high risk patients whilst on the waiting list, with high chances of serious complications which may well lead to death. Celebration Health together with our collaborative partners, including local Pediatric Surgeons are planning to host quarterly Hernia Weeks. Each Hernia Week will provide FREE hernia surgeries to approximately, 100 disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe.

Each Hernia Week will have a large compliment of surgeons and medical staff conducting these surgeries in 3 operating theatres, over a period of 5 days to reach the target of 100 surgeries. Currently, one Hernia Week achieves 50% of the national target for hernia surgeries. By hosting quarterly Hernia Weeks, we will considerably reduce the 1,000-patient backlog and allow children to receive this life changing surgery as soon as possible.

On   average   in   Zimbabwe, a   hernia surgery costs approximately USD2,000.00 at a private facility. Most families cannot afford to pay this amount and depend on the Public Health Care system for surgeries for children. Celebration Health has an opportunity to offer FREE surgeries to these families and a child’s life is saved and changed.

Through our strategic partnerships and relationships, Celebration Health has managed to facilitate this surgery at a cost of ONLY USD250.00 per child. This cost covers the full surgery fee and medication at Harare Children’s Hospital which is Zimbabwe’s only pediatric surgery facility.

If you would like to partner with us towards this great cause as we impact these young children’s lives   through   life   saving   and   life   changing surgery. Please contact us today.

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Each surgery costs $250.00 per child