Providing Healing & Preventative Care 

In 2009, sewage spread into the main water supply in Zimbabwe. Thousands of people fell ill in a weekend and many died from dehydration, fatigue, and lack of basic needs (food, clean water, and access to basic healthcare’. During this time, Celebration Health rose to the occasion. Sourcing aquatabs (water purification tablets’ and medical supplies from all across the globe, Celebration Health began systematically reaching those stricken with cholera.

The government was completely hamstrung by this epidemic. The doctors and nurses quit because there was no money to pay their salaries. Pastor Tom Deuschle went to the minister of health in Zimbabwe and asked “What would it take to get the doctors and nurses back to work?” In faith, Pastor Tom agreed to pay for the salaries.

All in all, Celebration Health funded the doctors and nurses so they could get back to work, life flighted in emergency medical equipment (iv fluids, needles, aquatabs, etc’, and shut down the disease in the matter of a couple weeks.

Celebration Health’s mandate is to bring healthcare to those that cannot care for themselves. Running monthly clinics across the nation of Zimbabwe to help aid the displaced people groups, and impoverished communities, CH is reaching thousands with medical care each month.

Zimbabwe: Girl With Cleft Lip Anastacia’s Testimony from Celebrate International on Vimeo.