Sticks, Stones & Healthcare

Bringing Hope & Healing via Mobile Clinics

Celebration Health takes mobile medical clinics into rural regions and townships to bring hope and healing to people in need.

Sticks, Stones, & Healthcare is tackling general area diseases like cholera, bilharzia, and typhoid as well as a myriad of health conditions.

Our mobile medical unit deploys doctors and nurses to bring help and healing to rural regions on a quarterly basis. We also work with local medical institutions to conduct dental outreaches on our general medical outreaches.

These general medical outreaches cost $20 per person to conduct and we are reaching hundreds of individuals.

We are providing cataract surgeries. There is nothing more amazing than giving a person their sight back!

It costs us $154 per person for a cataract surgery.

The Impact You Can Make:

  • For $10 a month, you can provide medical outreach for 6 individuals this year.
  • For $50/month, you can provide nearly 4 cataract surgeries. New eyesight for 4 people!
  • For $100/month you can sponsor 5 people a month to get the much needed medical support that they need.

If your business or church is interested, please contact us at to discuss supporting an entire medical outreach.