Tom Deuschle—Founder

In 1979, Tom moved to Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) to be a missionary. 35 years later and he's created a movement that is impacting nations. See more of Tom's story here.


Bonnie Deuschle—Founder/Music Director

Bonnie's dream is to inspire people to know God through uplifting and inspiring music. Now an acclaimed Gospel artist in Africa, her music is transcendent and empowers people to connect with a higher purpose. See more of Bonnie's story here.


Tommy Deuschle—Creative Director

Tommy Deuschle is the Creative Director at Writing scripts for our videos, capturing sunrises and smiles on camera, and designing our live events and conferences, Tommy keeps himself busy by juggling an immense world of creativity. When he's not coming up with a new idea, he's launching startup companies, crocodile hunting, or spending time with his wife Rachel and two children. See more about Tommy here.


Tim Bickers—USA Director

Tim Bickers is the USA Director of He spends his days doing logistics, brainstorming creative ways to tell our stories, and connects the dots from our on the ground dreams to making them a reality. Chances are, if you're in the USA, you'll probably receive an email, tweet, phone call, or smile from Tim at some point. Tim spends his free time with his wife Karen and four children.


Shannon Ekron—Projects Coordinator

Shannon Ekron is our Projects Coordinator. She is the engine that makes things happen and directs the local traffic. From creative spreadsheets and budgets, to making sure our projects finish on time, she's a force and absolutely gets things done. She always has a smile on her face, is the first to laugh at your best jokes, and will hold your feet to the fire if you don't do what you say you'll do. In other words, she's a dynamo and we love her.