Celebration Churches

Celebration Ministries International History

February 20, 1979, Pastor Tom Deuschle embarked on a mission to Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe). Staying the course of faith through to the end of the civil war in 1980, he took his first furlough to the States in 1981 where he met, courted, and married his wife, Bonnie. They returned to Zimbabwe where they began a church with six people in their living room. Continuing to minister together, they built a strong word-based church in Harare, Zimbabwe meeting the needs of the people—spirit, soul, and body.

In 2006 over 25 years later, Celebrate International (CMI) was founded for the benefit of Celebration Churches across the world with the main objective of meeting the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of the people in Zimbabwe and other nations. This would be facilitated by establishing churches and other ecclesiastical, charitable and non-profit bodies teaching the Christian faith through all forms of media. In addition to this, the organization would provide charitable assistance in order to further the compassionate work of God's kingdom through a system of associated ministries and organizations—undertaking all kinds of initiatives to fill the needs in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

Out of the vision, building people, building dreams, building the kingdom, Pastor Tom and Bonnie have seen it wise to extend their wings all over the world and reach different kinds of nations with the word of transformation and reformation. The word of God says “go ye forth and produce fruit,” and this is evident today as there are many churches that have been raised all over different continents. Celebration Ministries International now has local church presences in the following nations: Zimbabwe, England, United States of America, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Kenya and more.

Through our mission, we strive to continue building a family of strong word-based churches that love God and serve people. CMI now has over 85 churches globally.